Innovation Aspire & Achieve

Innovation Director Desk

In today's cut-throat competition, over flooded market having coaching centres being run by non-professional, inexperienced, inefficient and incompetent people; the career of students is at stake. A.P. Bhardwaj, Director INNOVATION, started the institute to fill up this vacuum in the market and to do justice with the students and not let them to be victimized by the profit making shop keepers running shops in the name of institutes. The student should keep one thing in mind that today's era is the era of hard work and smart work. The competitive exams are entirely and altogether different from their academic examinations. They are matter of attitude and approach, talents and tastes, potentials and priorities.

Basic intelligence doesn't simply mean that you are supposed to be extra ordinary or genius. With ordinary genius and extra ordinary perseverance nothing is unattainable. You should have the capacity to observe the things, understand them, grab them, imbibe them and interpret them. You should have the capacity to compare and co-relate the things. For that you should have the basic intelligence to make your own self introspection, investigation and evaluation which should be regular and repeated.You should also have the capacity to know your strengths and weaknesses and keep on removing the weaknesses and improving the strengths. You should not forget all succeed who deserve but you have to strive to deserve.So, Aspire and Achieve; Strive and Strike at INNOVATION.

To qualify any competitive exam requires five things in equal measure.
  • Basic Intelligence
  • Hard Work
  • Requisite Knowledge
  • Command over the language?
  • Organic personality.